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I understand that everyone is on their own individual journey, and you are all at different stages with your lifestyle but the more healthy you eat, the healthier and happier your body will respond as well.  If your interested in transitioning to plant-based, vegan, vegetarian etc... for any length of time, the following recipes are delicious.  Sometimes, it just takes that extra support, inspiration and motivation...someone to guide and give that push to get you comfortable enough to attempt new recipes or green smoothies or juices and to work out some fabulous menu ideas.  I have been on this path for many years and I enjoy keeping it simple and yummy at the same time.  I tend to stick with very easy recipes and make sure to have a colorful variety of veggies and loads of fresh and frozen fruit for making ice cream and sorbets always available to munch on!  The best advice if your new to the Plant-based/Vegan/RAW Food lifestyle is to simply, think outside the box...which means NO PROCESSED JUNK....if it's in a can or a box, most likely it's filled with unnecessary garbage, chemicals, sodium, sugar and many other additives that your body does not need or want!!  Don't dwell on what you can't eat! By adding in more and more of the good stuff, you won't even miss the bad stuff and you will no longer have the desire for it!

I prefer to use organic produce whenever possible but you may not be able to always get organic in certain areas or at certain times of the year.  I will resort to frozen organic for smoothies if I am unable to get fresh produce but its totally your choice as to whether you buy organic, local or conventional.  Feel free to edit the amounts and flavors of any of these recipes to suit your taste.....The joy of food is having the choice to mix and match any ingredients you love and making it YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL YUM!!!!!  I usually just toss stuff together without ever measuring and most of these are actually estimated amounts. Take it slow and just enjoy yourself!  I'm delighted with all the good that I'm doing for my body and if there are days that I'm not a purist......OH WELL.....so be it!!!!  I just live life, enjoy my day, pray for many healthy tomorrows and lots of laughs and smiles!!!!  Enjoy!  

Yummy Grapefruit, pineapple and a blast of lemon juice!!!

Good Morning Tropica

Pineapple Razzatini 

Banana/Papaya/Chia Smash

 Raw Wraps...3 ways...Pizza bites, veggie w/cheesy bell pepper dressing and mock tuna!!!

Cabbage Pouches
Collard Rollards
Watermelon/Lemon Squeeze

Apple Sliders

Banana Berry Chill

Buckwheat apricot berry almond crunch in cashew creme sauce!  

Corn Chowder with a kick! 

Spicy kelp noodles over mixed green salad sprinkled w/kale chips!  

Corn medley with Ginger Miso dressing!

Delicious durian....it was perfectly YUM!

Delicious and hydrating cantaloupe and watermelon!!

Cherimoya, cherries and mango w/hemp seed sprinkled on top!

Stuffed peppers w/cheesy zucchini chips!

Lychee nuts!


Various truffles!

 Fudgy bites w/lemon icing and various truffles!

Stuffed tomatoes and cabbage pouch over spinach salad topped w/pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and drizzled w/raspberry vinaigrette!

Kimchi with daikon strips, daikon greens, peppers and scallions !  

Cauliflower popcorn!

Sliders w/tomato, spinach and cheese!

Jicama fries!

Sliders w/fries and chips!

Portobellos w/sliders, tomato, spinach, spiralized beets a smidge of kimchi and avocado hearts!

Kelp noodles w/veggies and salsa topped w/taco meat!  DELISH!  

Cheesy Red Pepper Kale Chips...Crispy and yummy! 

Spicy corn chips and marinated veggies topped w/raw taco meat, hearts of palm and avo love! 

Raw Strawberry Yogurt!  

jackfruit, durian, mango
Jackfruit, durian, mango, watermelon, avocados, citrus galore, aloe, apples, pears, cherries, pineapple, grapes and more!

Zuchettini and Sauce

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I recommend buying organic when you can but if not the following may be helpful in deciding what fruits and veggies you purchase organic/non-organic! The fruits and vegetables on “The Dirty Dozen” list, when grown conventionally, tested positive for at least 47 different chemicals, with several of them testing positive for as many as 67. If you are buying items on the “dirty” list, you should definitely choose organic. No matter which you choose, please be sure to wash thoroughly before consuming!

The Dirty Dozen
Bell peppers
Leafy Greens (Spinach/Collards)

The Clean 15
Sweet Corn
Sweet Peas
Sweet Potato
Honeydew Melon