Rise and wake with purpose, intent, excitement…Overflowing with love and smiling eyes

Embrace life fully…Be grateful…Laugh lots…Enjoy and appreciate every experience…Reach for the skies

Consider each day a magical and delicious gift…Be fully present when holding your loved one tight

Always Say “I LOVE YOU” and mean it from the heart…Cherish these sacred words…It’s totally okay

Every single person deserves to be living a life of joy and happiness and we are all worth it

“YOU” are important and “YOU” deserve attention…make time every day just for you

Live in the moment, leave your past behind and embrace whatever the future has in store for you  

Don't waste years thinking and wishing and wondering “WHAT IF”…If you want to be happy…BE

Tomorrow is not promised to any one of us…Only God knows when your day or time will come

And if the morrow never comes you won’t ever have to regret that you had fully embraced this day!


Every day is a chance to start fresh and new


Once this day is gone it will instantly become your past