Is it possible to be medicine free even as you age???

You bet it is......but sadly, most people take any and all medicine their doctor prescribes just because he tells them to!  Instead of offering suggestions for natural and simple changes that could eliminate or reduce your health issues, most doctors write you a script and send you on your way.  Are you one of those people that take prescription medicine for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, migraines, thyroid or pain issues or any other symptom that ails you because your doctor gave it to you?The list is endless and it seems as though there is a pill for virtually any ache, pain or disease known to man.  It is rare to read a magazine or newspaper, watch television, go on the Internet, read your e-mail, listen to the radio or even go for a ride in your car without being bombarded with advertisements plastered everywhere marketing the latest and greatest new cure all pill!  Sadly, the list of side effects are usually so numerous that every time I hear or see an advertisement for prescription meds, I cringe.....why would anyone want to take meds that have such serious side effects.  The majority of people I know, are more than willing to fill and take the prescriptions just because the doctor says they will help or that you need them to stay alive and never once question the doctor or read the side effects.   How many stories do we hear about certain medicines that people have been ingesting for years,being taken off the market, causing debilitating problems and sometimes even death???  Wouldn't it be nice if you no longer had to depend on pharmaceuticals to keep you healthy, happy and alive? If you knew that there might possibly be a way to live without taking a handful of pills every day, wouldn't you give it a try????  Just by simply eating healthier and including more wholesome fruits and vegetables, you will miraculously feel more balanced and your sugar,cholesterol and blood pressure levels could possibly revert to a normal range!!!! There is absolutely no reason why any of us have to feel run down, lethargic, constantly exhausted, stressed or overwhelmed but many choose the easy way out no matter what the health consequences are to their bodies, minds or their bank accounts.

There are many of you that give up too easily and want the quick fix.  It seems so much easier to solve all of your problems with a simple pill hoping that it will magically transform your life!   I know of several people that take a multitude of medications but wouldn't need them if they made health a priority and put in some effort to try to fix the problem naturally with a few small changes. Why would you want to continue to put more toxins into a toxic system???? Unfortunately, like I said, most people never stop to consider the additional damage they are doing to themselves by ingesting toxic medications and the horror of side effects and just fill the prescriptions and take the meds because they believe that the doctor knows best.  The pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune off sick,unhealthy individuals that just don't know any better or take the pills hoping it will help to solve their problems.   If you do take prescription medicine, PLEASE check the side effects and know exactly what you are ingesting and see if the risks outweigh the benefits.  Perhaps, it just might be possible that you could eliminate the drugs if you started making yourself a priority and changed your ways of thinking and living!  Visualize yourself as a fragile glass ornament that needs special, delicate care or you would shatter into pieces beyond repair!!!!!  Think about it....just knowing that you could break apart if you didn't receive the proper attention that your body deserves and requires, should have you making the choice....this very moment....to eat healthier, get some fun, physical activity going on and to practice simple relaxation techniques to eliminate or decrease your health issues!!!!!  Losing as little as 10% of your weight, can and will make a huge difference....start small and don't overwhelm yourself with too many changes all at once.  Begin by adding in some fresh whole foods and don't even worry or fret about what you have to stop eating or depriving yourself of.  Have a yummy salad before a meal and try adding additional vegetables to the main course with a nice drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or a squirt or two of fresh lemon or lime juice instead of store bought dressings loaded with excess bad fats, sugar and sodium!  Take a moment to look at the nutritional information on the back of your favorite dressing and compare it with other varieties.  Once you experience that euphoric natural high energy and you have more zip in your step, your clothes feel more comfortable, your eyes look brighter....trust me....you will want to keep going and it can and will have you smiling!  Be proud of every single accomplishment and don't get discouraged if you don't get results as quickly as you wish.  As long as you continue and never give up...great things can happen and you will enjoy the smile you see in the mirror when clothes that were too tight are finally looking fantastic on you!!!  Think about how phenomenal it would be if you were drug free, had endless energy, a renewed zest for life, you were smiling like crazy and you were just super happy being you!!!  It's all about the choices you decide to gift your body and your mind with!  Always remember...you only have one body and one life.....you have complete control over the quality of your future. If you respect your body, mind, heart and spirit enough, you will decide to feed and nourish your cells, organs, joints, muscles cells, etc....to keep them thriving optimally!  It pays to be kind to our bodies in every aspect!  You should be bouncing out of bed in the morning and feeling excited to face what the day has in store for you....life should be fun and something that you look forward to!  Did you realize that just putting a smile on your face can instantly make you feel better....Give it a shot...it works!!!

Being healthy and vibrant isn't something that just happens without thought or effort....It's up to you to make it happen!!!!

Keep your body and your mind moving, smiling, healthy and happy!!!!