Rawk Alive with a Watermelon/Lemon Squeeze

Vow to be a new YOU in 2012…make it your best year ever. 

It’s time to get your happy on and enjoy every moment!!

Welcome this brand new year by gifting yourself with what your body truly needs…infinite unconditional love, healthy new patterns, care-free intentional smiles, fresh whole foods for boundless vibrant energy, pleasurable exciting activities, endless belly splitting laughter, amazing supportive friends etc… Take charge of the controls and choose to make peace with your mind, body, soul, relationship, finances, household etc... Face it and embrace it…the good and the bad!!! You should be bringing your passions to life every chance you get and enjoy the excitement of each day you’re here!  You only get one body and one life so choose to make every moment count and live every day without a single limitation, fear or doubt about the future!  It's your story, your book, your existence…it's up to you to fill the pages of your journey with excitement, thrills, challenges and achievements!  Dust yourself off, get serious, look into the mirror and tell that person

"make It HappenNO MORE EXCUSES…The time is now!!"

I'm ringing in my 50th year smiling and enjoying every second of the ride as I continue to feed and nourish myself with fresh whole foods, juices, smoothies and oodles of love!  Instead of feeling and looking older, I am determined to defy my age status by cleansing my system from the inside out.  I began a Raw Food lifestyle 5 years ago and started www.rawkalive.com to help others experience what true health and happiness feels like from the top of your head to the tips of your toes! It’s better than any drug on (or off) the market and I wanted to share it with all of you!!! I’ve never found anything so simple, easy and natural…it rawks my world and it honestly continues to bring me to life every day.  Get ready to magically release the toxic overload, fear, doubt, sadness, excess weight, prescription drugs, aches, pains and any other underlying negative body issues to the curb.  When your entire being gets rawked alive with pure, natural goodness and daily dosages of health and happiness, you’ll be like an energizer bunny…vibrant and full of excitement!  You’ll be smiling like crazy for sure!!!



Whole Foods, Juices, Smoothies = Prescription for HEALTH!!