I have several clients lately that have no clue what they want to be when they grow up nor do they have a single goal, wish or dream for their future.  Others say they have all these dreams and desires but just don’t know what to do to accomplish them…they are at a standstill and have been stuck for years never even attempting to achieve their goals or wishes.  They are sick of fighting the fight and sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!  Though this saddens me to hear, I have been doing this way too long to be shocked and thought that it would be a great topic for today!

There are so many people that sit back and say “Why me” or “Why can’t I have what so and so has or do what he/she does”, “I can’t find a job”, “I can’t pay my bills”, “I just can’t do anything right” “I suck and my life sucks” “I’m doing everything I can and nothing seems to go my way”  “I’ve tried everything and I mean everything” etc….you get the picture!!  Is this familiar or does this sound like you or someone you know??  Are they really doing what it takes to achieve the task at hand and what exactly have they done so far????  When I asked that question recently to a client that stated they had tried everything…they admitted that maybe they haven’t actually tried everything…in fact, they’ve done absolutely nothing to better the situation.  It truly made them say “WOW”…it was a moment of realization for sure...in their mind; they believed they were doing everything they could…NOT!!!  The ones that are reciting these sayings are listening to all the negative chatter in their minds and not allowing themselves to find the positive words or energy to make life happen for them.  Unfortunately, if they continue listening and believing all of the negative trash they feed themselves, they won’t succeed, nor will they find happiness… it just won’t happen…it’s as simple as that!

I believe everyone should have dreams and goals and most do but when they just sit on the sidelines, those dreams slowly begin to die as time goes on and sadly, so does the person’s spirit and belief.  If there is something you desire or wish to do, it won’t happen unless you do the work it takes to get there.  All of us are good at certain things and have tasks and daily chores or activities that we absolutely love.  On the other hand, we have situations, tasks or daily activities that are sucking the life out of us!!  Sit down and take a moment to evaluate the highs and lows in your life and attempt to jot down just one or two things you could do right this moment to change the lows to highs.  What are you truly passionate about in your life that you love to do as often as possible???? (Sex, sleeping and eating don’t count) Are you in a miserable marriage or a dead end job or you just can’t seem to find pleasure in your life???  Think about why you married that person, why you chose the job you are presently doing or whatever is causing you misery or stress…both good and bad…and make a list of the positive and the negative aspects of them.  Sometimes we continue to settle because we don’t want the challenge of what it takes to make the changes to a better life and the excuses just go on and on.

Every single one of us deserves to be living a life of joy and happiness and we are all worth it!  YOU are important and YOU deserve attention…make time every day just for YOU!!!  By making lists of the pros and cons in your life and why you think you haven’t achieved your goals will help give you some idea or insight as to what obstacles are getting in your way and why!  Are your goals yours or what someone else has instilled in your mind for you to accomplish?  My parents allowed all of us to be who we are and never once expected us to be or do what they thought we should! Yes, they wanted to see us succeed in life and pushed us to do well, but they both firmly believed that happiness and joy are the true meaning of success no matter what you are doing.  If you are honestly happy, that’s all that matters…who care what others think, say or do!!!!  It’s your life and if you are comfortable, confident and proud of whatever your choices are, you need not change for anyone!

Don’t label yourself as a failure if you’re not as thin, as rich, as educated, as creative or you don’t have the status or things a friend, colleague or family member does.  If you dwell on your insecurities, it changes your entire being, but most of all, it changes your thought process and will break your spirit.  You won’t be able to follow through and reach your goals,  because you won’t be allowing yourself to!!!

Start allowing yourself to reach for and achieve whatever makes YOU happy, healthy and balanced…no matter what it is…if you don’t hold back and give it your all, you will become a master at the game of life!!!

·         Think really hard about all the walls and barriers (aka EXCUSES) you allow to get in your way!!

·         Do you find it easier to stay in your safe place instead of feeling or looking stupid and maybe…just maybe… that is what is preventing you from moving forward to be or do what you truly want to do!

·         What have you avoided in the past??  Did it serve you well up until now and you are finally ready to go for it and persevere through it?  Has it changed you mentally or physically or prevented you from being whom or what you wish to be???

·         Just for a second, imagine what life would be like if you could be free of the guilt, anger, resentment, fear, regrets etc… WOW…You’d have absolutely no reason to hold back and no excuses to keep you from moving forward!!!

·         Does it scare you to change your routine or way of thinking??  Are you afraid that you will actually have to start living in the real world if you are able to accept yourself and become the person you desire???? 

·         What do you do that totally excites you and how often are you doing it?  We all need time to play, relax, take the time to chill and quiet the mind from stress… 

·         Start seeing yourself for who you are and jot down all your amazing qualities…It may be hard at first but once you get started and become honest with yourself, it will get easier and I bet you’ll have a whole list of great things that are unique and awesome about you!!!

·         Quit doubting yourself and allow yourself to be authentic in the moment….learn to be able to sell yourself…visualize being present, trusting yourself, your abilities and who you are striving to be!!! 

·         Imagine how cool it would be to become a leader in your own life and on your own terms???  If you are ready to explore new parts of yourself and experience all that you have put off over time…let’s get together and work on how we will get you there!  You are worth it and you deserve it!!!

I had planned and visualized myself as a stay at home Mom, working from my house from the time I was a teenager.  I had the entire scenario sketched out in my mind of exactly what my future would be like and I believed that it could be exactly how it is.  I had many bumps and hills and walls (that flippin brick one sucked royally) but I never lost the belief and I persevered!!!!  I’ve definitely made bad choices in life but I’ve learned from all of them and never once lost my heart or my spirit!  I wanted it bad and it happened...I believed it would and it did...I chose how to live my RAWKIN life and my future unfolded exactly how I visioned it to be!  I have been blessed to be able to be at home with my kids and still live my passion and I am so peaceful, content and happy!!!  Try it...visualize your dreams, hopes and wishes and then go for it with true delight, passion and belief...you'll be hooked...you'll come alive and you will be smiling like crazy!!!!  Jot down how you vision your health, your wealth, your spirit and your future and begin to make the necessary changes to a new and improved happy you!!  Excitement will ooze from your pores and every successful step forward will have you beaming with energy.  Please remember to put yourself at the top of your list of goodness and positive, joyful choices, but be sure to choose wisely….RAWK ALIVE....you'll be stoked for sure!  I went from dreaming and wishing to living and enjoying to totally embracing my life and truly loving who I am and what I do!!!! 

If you are doing what brings you the most joy, accept and be happy with your choices and embrace life for all it’s worth!  One of my favorite quotes is:

Success & happiness are not determined by others opinions of what you have or why, but by believing in and loving you, where you are right now! Success & happiness are waiting in the palms of your hands, so open them up, place them on your heart and smile....listen carefully to the voice you will hear as it proudly recites “I love you just the way you are”.

~Darlene Knight~

In order to gain focus and vision your future, your mind needs to be clear and fresh.  You truly are what you eat and your thoughts, visions and health depend on it!  I suggest you start by adding in more whole foods and shying away from processed crap and take-out fast food….anything in a box has more chemicals than you can fathom!! Once you begin to eliminate all the garbage (excess sodium, sugar, starches, dyes, chemicals etc…), your focus will miraculously be put on a whole new level and you’ll experience a huge natural high...it freakin RAWKS!!!  Eating more RAW FOOD gave me more energy, happiness and such a giddy, focused positive feeling....I want to be able to share all that I know, love and believe with you!  You truly can do anything you desire and you can feel amazing every single day, but you have to want it and then go for it!!!!

Are you ready to live the life you had always visioned? Let's do this...once and for all!

Throughout my life, I have had tons of money, no money and everything in between....but either way...I've just always been happy being "ME" and when I discovered that the number in my checkbook truly didn't matter....I was smiling from head to toe!!  Living comfortably and eating healthy aren't expensive.  I make a point to live within my means and that's what it's all about!  It's how my grandparents and my mom thrived and survived....they lived in contentment and were loving and carefree happy beings....no debt, no fear and no doubt!!!!!  I adore being confident and living my passion with gusto….it’s totally what I'm all about!!!  I adjust my life accordingly so that I can truly enjoy each moment of every day and I don't ever feel the least bit deprived of anything.  I choose to RAWK ALIVE every flippin day...my quest is to share every ounce of my being with all of you and prove to you that you can be content and happy exactly where you are!  But if you wish for more…don't let your weight, your mood, your status, fear, doubt, resentment, regrets, thoughts of failure or any negative idea or misconstrued thought keep you from achieving anything you desire!!!!  Stop searching right this moment....end the quest...choose this moment to stop and seriously listen to your mind and your heart!  What exactly are you looking for and why???? Stop being blinded by the thought that having a certain title, being thin, having more money, a better car, house or more stuff is what will bring you happiness...they won't....It's truly a choice that comes from within....You can either keep chasing the next high or you can learn to live in it and experience it in the here and now....right where you’re at!!!     

Happiness doesn't have a price tag!!

~Darlene Knight~

Happiness is within your reach right now...grab it....RAWK YOURSELF ALIVE!

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Have a RAWKIN awesome day and keep smiling!!