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I write poems for fun and for loved ones or customized for any occasion, special moments or cherished events in life.  Customized inscriptions and words from the heart are always a gift in itself, so make that graduation, birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other event more meaningful and pass along your joy to others!   I also write unique eulogies specifically designed for your loved one to be shared at wakes, funerals, cremations, memorial services and grave burials in tribute and honor of their life. Give me a paragraph or a list of fond memories and anecdotes that are dear to you and your family and help me get to know who your loved one was...I will take your thoughts and words, add a mystical and pleasant twist straight from my heart and turn them into a poem eulogizing your loved ones life achievements or experiences, bringing the special and unforgettable qualities of the person alive if even for a few brief moments. Being able to reminisce about your loved one in such high regard and sharing those memories openly will aid in the healing process and can be a welcome spiritual moment of happier, humorous and cherished times. Allow your grief to be a voice for others so that those in mourning, can also receive some comfort in your words. Helping others to feel a sense of closure and peace and hopefully bring a smile to their faces is a special gift to help everyone deal with their emotions and begin to move beyond grief. I know, from personal experience, that sharing my Grandmother's, and my Mom and Dad's lives with the entire congregation and being able to celebrate and commemorate them helped me begin to heal my heart and brought feelings of joy to my heart. I wanted the whole world to know and remember how precious, caring and thoughtful my loved ones were and it gave me great pride to speak about each of their amazing qualities.

I will preserve your words of honor and praise in a protective sheet of laminate or your choice of frames and designs so that you are able to look back at a glimpse and cherish those words whenever you are having a moment of sadness or just want to put a smile on your face. My words are guaranteed to please you and my work isn't finished until we are both 100% satisfied with the final product!!! 

Please e-mail me at rawkalive@comcast.net and I will get back to you!!

Below are a few samples of my poems and eulogies that I have written for others:



In one fleeting moment you passed before me and now you are gone

But each morning, I still smile at your glow in the new day’s dawn

I feel so blessed to have known you and for the cherished memories I keep

You will forever be in my thoughts as I lay in silence to sleep

Not for a moment do I doubt that you are in a beautiful place

Your heart is full of peace and there is so much joy on your face

I hear Heaven is sacred and magical.....it’s glazed in silver and gold

It’s a rare vision of beauty and colors...it’s quite spectacular...or so I’ve been told

When I close my eyes I see you dancing and singing and your spry as can be

Your spirit is beaming with health and you are happy and free

My mind was in awe of the sparkles and all the shiny gems as they gleamed

It’s all that I ever wanted for you and it’s all that I ever dreamed

I’m no longer afraid and I feel a new sense of peace in my heart

One day we will meet again...but for now we must part

Please whisper your sweet nothings to me so I can keep smiling with pride

I miss you and love you....I know your spirit is safe by my side

To be able to continue sharing my life with you makes it all worthwhile

I adore feeling your presence around me and it helps my heart smile

A glimpse of you here and there would be totally special and sweet

But for now I hold you safe in my heart and it makes me complete

~Darlene Walcott Knight~









February 8, 1928-December 22, 2005

I wrote this for our Mom cuz she was our hero indeed

Not a care in the world...never a simple little need

She was our Mother...she was pure as could be

Never a complaint or a pain did she relay or plea

How do you live life with no cares at all?

But that’s how Mom was...so short, yet so tall

If we could think of just one word for she

It would always be “YOU”, not ever me

Can’t recall a wasted day, not a one her whole life

She tried so hard to be the best at being a Mother and a Wife

Being a Mother and a Wife was what she could do

And she did it well, it’s what she knew

We never saw her like this, didn’t know what to do

Kept our spirits up & tried not to be blue

Mom tried to wish it away, while still being she

So much pride and strength....what was meant to be would be

Mom worked like a dog till 70 or so

Didn’t slow down...not ever....she was go, go, go

But one day she couldn’t and down she went

Fought as hard as she could but all was spent

No matter how tough it got or how bad she felt

She just went day to day...played the cards she was dealt

Not for a second did she vision....she never visioned the end

Tomorrow would come & she’d be on the mend

Kept thinking she’d get better and what do you say

It was all in God’s hands....All we could do was pray

We tried every angle and we did all we could

She was our Mom...we did as all would

Thought she’d be putting quarters in the slots in no time at all

Dreaming of Foxwoods...ignoring God’s call

Looking forward to life and the great windfall

Always wishing for the big one...never expecting time to stall

But now here she was stopped dead in her tracks

Unable to go....all broke and full of cracks

But it’s all about life and life’s last lesson

Never knowing the end....we’re always kept guessing

You’d ask “How are you”...She’d respond “OKAY”

Ignore it she’d do...thought it would disappear...thought the cancer would just go away

We ask all of you and we ask you aloud

Don’t ever be too proud...complain if your in pain...tell someone...make a sound

We’ll never have to wonder why God let her die

Don’t give it a second thought....not even a why

God had his reasons...no doubt in our mind

We trust that he had found a rare gem...she was special...Mom was one of a kind

Promise us Lord that her smile will stay

All the best for her is all we pray

We hope where ever she is that she’s grinning with glee

Going here, going there....spry as can be

With all the tickets she can scratch and many millions for she...Treat her like a Queen Lord, it’s what she deserves for she!!

~I love you Mom~

~Darlene Walcott Knight~






November 17, 1930-August 4, 2012

My Trucker Dad...Thunder Eagle

It’s just another day in truckerville…he’s rested up, filled up, packed up, beautied up…ck…now, he’s ready to go

He rolls with the weather as it goes from hot to cold, to windy and rainy…it may even snow… you just never know

But those first few hundred miles it’s smooth sailing, he’s pumped on caffeine, he’s lit and he’s ready for the climb

And deep down he’s wishing, hoping and praying God’s watching over him and he arrives at his stop on time

He gets comfy, turns on the radio and announces Thunder Eagle is here…let’s get the show on the road

Hey good buddies, I’ve got a trailer full of who knows what…I’ll catch ya on the flip flop…I scored a money load

 Its stop and go traffic for miles on end, but he’s running on coffee and he sparks up a smoke

He grabs the mike in his hand and he chuckles to himself as he rattles off another  joke

He shouts to all the truckers out there…just passed a smokie in the median and we got one hiding on the side

He’s unfazed as he puts the pedal to the metal up steep hills, twists and turns and bumpy roads … he lives to ride

Been driving all day as the night falls and he’s grateful for those yellow and white lines that never seem to end

He travels over mountains, through valleys hoping those wheels keep rolling smoothly round each and every bend

He’s got family and loved ones on his mind, but he’s getting cranky, he’s tired and his belly is growling away

He starts to doze so he pulls over at a truck stop, grabs a bite, calls home and he’s right back on the road to play

He climbs in the cab…gets behind the wheel…that diesel engines humming a sweet tune…it’s music to his ears

He loved all his big ole rigs and he’s puffing and smiling as he shifts through the gears

He’s done his share of long runs and millions of miles…He was born to be a trucker and it’s what he loved to do

But he has received his call of glory…he’s at peace and safe in heaven and it’s exactly as he knew

It’s crazy how quickly life can disappear…just like that…only God knows if today will be your last

So be sure you remember…Once this moment is gone it will instantly become your past

Rise and wake with purpose, intent, excitement…overflowing with love and smiling eyes

Embrace it fully…be grateful for each new day….enjoy and appreciate every experience…reach for the skies

Tomorrow is not promised to any one of us…be sure you are fully present when holding your loved one tight

Always Say I love you…Never  Goodbye…Talk To You Later…Cherish those sacred words…It’s totally okay

Because if the morrow never comes you won’t ever have to regret that you had shared this day!


I’m proud and honored to say you are my Dad and I love you.  My Dad To Do List Is Clear Now but you will forever be in my thoughts and I in yours…I know you are happy and in a beautiful place…… No more pills, no more pain, no more speed limits!!  Race through the heavens smiling and waving!!!!  We love you Dad!

~Darlene Walcott Knight~

As You Flutter Above And Beside Me…

I cherish speaking to you Mom…My sweet little Meezie…I feel your warmth and I visualize you sitting right here

You are everywhere…I can visit, smile and laugh with you…even though I’m here and you are way up there

I stare at you shining in the twilight…you’re always the first I see…sparkling like crazy…stunningly bright

You emit radiance and warmth just like the sun…you’re a butterfly, a cardinal and every flowering sight


You are the exact replica of what I aspire to be…You are inside my heart…you’re a huge part of ME

You inspire me to keep wishing and dreaming and to be content with all that makes me be me

Be it…give it…take it…reach it…all of it…it truly compels ME to be all that I am free to be

Deep inside my soul, I am genuine and real…A priceless vital component of “YOU” that I adore and I can see


Mom….you taught me to be honest and caring…You gave me so much love…You made me who I am today

You shared the importance of smiles and laughter…You gave me guidance and I paved my way

Life is meant to be fun…you taught me to embrace it…enjoy it…don’t stress…and to be all that I can

“JOY” is implanted in my mind and deep in the core of my heart…Every day I play our fun day game plan


You rawked crucial parts of my heart, my mind, and my world alive…just simply being who you are

And now here you are…still right beside me…My heavenly gift…My present…My idol…My hero and My star

You awoke smiling, squeezing life into each and every day…Saying make the best of it...laugh, frolic and play

God blessed you with a gift that guides my inner vibes…I share and translate your words…I live to convey


Even though I can’t feel your hand, I feel your presence…your heels are tapping and you’re lively and snappy

You listened to me, adored me and made me feel special…I smile every day knowing that you are so happy

When she left you on the steps in that basket…It truly made you stronger and you chose to avoid the strife

You defied all the odds…You persevered…You held your head high…You radiated…You fully welcomed life


You will constantly be the glowing star that shines on me today, tomorrow and forever and a day

I will love, honor, cherish and wish upon you…as you continue to lead me every step of the way

I beamed like crazy when I saw you that first time…You stared right at me…shining from high in the sky

I feel superbly blessed to have you beside me and I will never worry about the “WHO”, “WHAT” and “WHY”


It makes me incredibly proud to say you are my Mother…my hero…my mentor…my idol and my light

And even when you are hidden behind the clouds, I envision you shimmering, sparkling and oh so bright

Mom…because of you, I choose to be happy and inspire the world...I love and embrace life and it's all worthwhile

I hope you continue to hang out with me and hold my hand forever cuz YOU always make me smile

Meezie…You’re the best Mother ever and I miss you bunches!!!  XOXOXO 

~Darlene Walcott Knight~



If you aren’t happy with yourself, your job, your relationship, your home life etc…your entire existence is negatively affected.  If you fail to address the issue, expect your life to continue to be just exactly as it is!

~Darlene Walcott Knight~

When you learn the magic of true love your entire being comes alive

Cherish and nourish your rare treasure and together you both will thrive

~Darlene Walcott Knight~


Children are ingrained with learned behavior from their parents…be aware of their presence as they watch and listen intently to all you say and do!!

~Darlene Walcott Knight~

 I believe that once you learn to love yourself, your whole body slowly begins to smile!

If you treat it right, it will keep on smiling!

~Darlene Walcott Knight~

Right now would be the perfect time to put a smile on your face.

Grin like you mean it and you’ll instantly feel happier inside.

~Darlene Walcott Knight~

Allowing negativity to empower your thoughts paralyzes your thinking process and you will be unable to recognize, accept or receive a single positive belief!

Upbeat minds generate harmony, happiness and delightful smiles!!!

Life reacts how “YOU” decide it will…choose your thoughts wisely!!!

 ~Darlene Walcott Knight~

Life Is Whatever You Make It!!

Every victorious task in life is sacred and special….a blessed moment….a triumph in disguise

Savor the sounds of clapping and cheers of joy…being proud is exhilarating…it’s the ultimate prize

You worked hard and you are ready…don’t wait…today and every day is a precious gift

Take it as a sign…go for it…choose the risk…chance it…accept the gamble….attempt the shift


Life comes in chapters and each one is just as varied as stop and go and night and day

Enjoy it and run with it…go on...get out there, choose to have fun, enjoy and play

Only God truly knows your destiny and when your day or time will come

So consider each day a magical and delicious present and be sure to savor and devour every crumb


So many of you don’t realize how quickly life can disappear…just like that…snap the fingers…gone…superfast

And before you know it…pooooof…the moment is gone…and it will instantly become your past

Be sure to rise and wake with purpose, intent, excitement….overflowing with love and smiling eyes

Embrace it fully….grab each moment…enjoy it….delight in every experience and reach for the skies


Live today as you always wished and dreamed you would….fill up on happiness and have true love in your heart

Enjoy your passion and your purpose now as this may be the day that your body and mind come apart

Your entire being is an elite reward to be cared for and treasured like a prized piece of gold

Nurture it with foods full of goodness…Live, love, laugh and smile...you’ll be healthy and happy from young to old


I adore inspiring you, motivating you and helping to make the world a healthier and blissful place

It’s my passion and my purpose…it’s a delight to see your cheeks aglow and a huge smile on your face

Raise your arms to the sky…try it…right now…reach out…sttttrrrretch……grab all that you wish for

Give it your all…make it happen…In this very second…imagine it…you truly can have it all…and more


Take a moment to stop and take a good look in the mirror….smile like crazy at the face that’s looking back at you

Tell yourself that your worth it, your beautiful, your good enough….Every statement is true

God shaped us each with unique qualities…discover your talents…choose to make the time

Take a leap of faith...today...right now...you have the ability….this moment is your prime


I share my knowledge to teach, guide and nurture…use it to take charge and focus on your pathway

Be grateful for wishes, visions and dreams….jot them down….be sure to RAWK ALIVE today

No more wasted days…go on…get out there while life is still waiting for you

Find the courage to succeed…it’s your choice…Just do it…Choose to make all your dreams come true

~Darlene Walcott Knight~

Your path is full of possibilities...Stay focused, determined and smiling!




I Have A Best Friend

I have a best friend and she’s the best one can be

She’s one of the few that knows the whole me

She knows all of the who’s, the what’s and the why’s

She knows my life story.......all of my secrets and all of my lies

I have a best friend who listens and hears

She makes me laugh when I’m drowning in tears

She has this great big smile that is brighter than bright

And she’s always made me believe the wrong from the right

I have a best friend whose like a sister to me

She’s always by my side no matter what it may be

My friend has this magic light that allows her to shine

And she makes me believe that all will be fine

I have a best friend that speaks with her heart

She’s always been my rock right from the start

She is a precious angel that watches over me

And she makes me believe I’m the best I can be

I have a best friend that likes me for me

She made me realize I can be as free as can be

My friend fixes me when I’m cracked and broken

And she makes me believe that all my words should be spoken

I have a best friend and I am as lucky as can be

She’s opened my eyes and made me see me

My friend never gave up on me or ratted me out

And she made me believe she’s a true friend no doubt

I have a best friend and she has heard it all

And she picks me up whenever I fall

So whenever I have a crisis or just need to be free

I can ask my special angel.....and she’ll touch my heart with glee

~Darlene Walcott Knight~
June 2007



Marriage is a gift to cherish like gold
Treasure it and love it as you both grow old
Always talk and laugh and share a smile
Work at it daily and do it with style

Marriage isn't easy...It's really a test
But it's not about passing, so just do your best
Forgive the past and always show you care
Cuz life's too short and you are both still here

Marriage is scary and awesome and real
So speak with your heart and tell how you feel
Be patient and kind and take it slow
Always listen and learn and your love will grow

Marriage is all about sharing a life
And you picked each other as husband and wife
So be sure to hug and hold with a loving touch
And always be best friends and act as such

Marriage is hard work but make it fun
Play and laugh and enjoy the sun
Start each day with a kiss and a smile
And maybe an"I love you" once in a while

Marriage is a bond that ties two into one
So love each day as you had first begun
Remember the precious moment of your very first kiss
And all your hopes, dreams and wishes of total bliss

Marriage is about being together and staying that way
So speak words from the heart and watch what you say
You can have a lifetime of joy and wishes come true
But only if you put love into all that you do

~Darlene Walcott Knight~ 


It’s Totally About Playing The U Game.....

Life is a test of will and we continuously try to master it day after day after day
We know we need to believe in ourselves, trust the process and to always hope and pray
We agree that eating RAW and living food is a true gift for the mind, heart and soul
But winning the combo of vibrancy and health...WHOAH!!...what will it take to get U to goal?

What do U need to change and how will U get the results U are wishing for??
First start by cleaning up your diet..trust me..you’ll be awake and alive and begging for more
Then move on to your mind and focus on how to beat and win that crazy negativity game
Look in the mirror and find the positives..STOP THE ABUSE NOW..no more shame and blame

Every day is a battle with our insane endless thoughts and the actions that defeat
As we age, our hormones go crazy...they leave us wavering and no longer soooo upbeat
So U try every idea always hoping for the best....totally expecting miracles and immediate results
Instead U start to rebel.....U have thoughts of failure......and U continue with the insults

If U knew that being positive would have an advantage....and you’d be screaming “SUCCESS”
U would immediately change your mentality.....U would no longer obsess
Don’t let your mind over power or judge...NO WAY...never, ever allow it to fill U with lies
When U think of failure, you’ll surely falter..YUP..U’D B furgettin..furgettin bout the prize!

But....just think of the peace U would gain if U persevered and U followed the plan
If U believed U could master it....and U began to recite the words.....”I CAN, I CAN”
U’D worry less about winning or losing.....U’D B ECSTATIC....U’D B controlling the game
Just imagine that feeling of true success...with a life of wonder and no more shame

If I can do this so can U...Go on...Get out there....make it happen...DO IT NOW...get your happy on!!!!
~Darlene Walcott Knight~

Take Five..Chill..And Enjoy The Ride

Being motivated and dedicated helps to set my mind free

When I add in a little dash of focus and planning, I get a super positive me

And when life gets crazy, I pray for more ups than downs

So I can smile at my laugh lines.....and know those wrinkles aren’t from frowns

Every day I get a new chance to untangle all the knots

I don’t stress or beat myself up, NOPE don’t even bother thinking bad thoughts

I like being alive and full of energy and I need not ever pretend

Cuz I know RAWKIN IT will keep me healthy....It works.....I’ll be vibrant to the end

There’s been quite a few detours and....YES.....the path has been bumpy

And I’ve tripped and I’ve fallen but I never got grumpy

Got right back up, dusted off and continued on my way

Didn’t let it faze me   WHY????  Wouldn’t it be silly had I let it ruin my day?

Don’t have any rules, Do what feels right and gets me in my happy zone

If it’s working, I can sit back, enjoy the ride and just keep making it my own

I’m a biker and a runner and I have a whole new visual of the future me

And as long as I keep moving...I’ll get there...I know it...I can’t wait to see!!

I’m far from perfect but I’m the one who calls the shots in this game

If I wake & I choose to play, I’m already winning, so there’s no room for shame

This is the best choice for my body..Uncovering a priceless hidden treasure

Every layer I peel is like an organic high, it’s natural and it’s truly a pleasure!!!

~Darlene Walcott Knight~



I finally discovered that “ME” simply being “ME” is what makes me smile

Especially when I do it with grace and beauty and oodles of style

My genuine “ME” comes alive when I’m gifting my body from the inside out

So I satiate myself with lots of happy...cuz...I know sad will surely make me pout

God designed “ME” exactly who I am for a reason so I will continue to be

I have no rules to follow....it’s about how free I am in this moment....just being“ME”

I listen to others but I don’t get caught up in the hoopla or all the hearsay

It’s what I think and what I believe....I’m in love....it’s my befitting way

I truly enjoy being rich in my heart....no matter my weight, my finances nor my fame

It’s about being grateful for who I am....loving “ME” and never feeling any shame

Cuz what He said or She said won’t damage my psyche or churn up my batter

And I won’t allow bitter thoughts to ponder or listen to nonsense or clatter

Believe what you believe and live life as you feel you should do

Your body will guide you....It will tell you....it will at least give you a clue

If you know what your doing doesn’t suit you or just doesn’t feel right

Change it up a bit...try listening to your gut and to your own insight

Too much thinking to perfect it will stress you out and will surely sabotage the plan

You’ll detour, give up and be right back where you began

Just take it slow, have fun and find the joy in knowing

That all the good you add will keep your blood rich and flowing

I see those that get wrapped up in who’s right and who’s wrong

And they forget who they are or even where they belong

So take a long honest moment and look in the mirror at you

And remind that person of your goals and what you strive to do

The day that I realized I had to make being “ME” my primary focus

I put down my magic wand and decided to defy the hocus pocus

And I took all my knowledge and every ounce of my “ME”

To sit back, put my thoughts on pause and just let my mind be free

I no longer whine or complain or let one little mistake ruin my day

My mind is much happier now, I’m smiling more and I have my whole life time to play

I passionately adore writing, and my wish is for you to find your glee

And to experience what it feels like to kick back, chill and just let life be

I can’t take the words with me so I hope to inspire each and all

As I share deep from my heart and no longer silence my call

If by “ME” giving all of “ME”, encourages and shines light to even a single one

I’ll continue to transmit my thoughts to paper every day until my body is done

I eased up on my body and my mind and discovered that I like being “ME”!

~Darlene Walcott  Knight~

Don’t Anyone Try To Tell Me I Can’t Do This!!

I am almost halfway back up the hill and it feels soooo good
I’m eating lovely fruits and veggies like I knew I should
I’m back to biking and running and I’m soooo loving it all
I’m in sync, oh yeah....I’m rawkin the house and having a ball

I’m doing it baby.....I’m gonna climb and climb until I jump right over that hill
Ain’t nothing stopping me, I have the belief and the will
I can see it and I can feel it and I’ve once again found my way
I had no doubt I would wake up..never stopped hoping..It’s why I pray and pray

Been doing this for years and I know what it takes
I have the desire and the gusto......so I chose to ante up the stakes
No more excuses or whining or thinking lazy thoughts
I’m in for the long haul..I’m worth it....there aren’t any nots

I’ve been waking in the morning feeling like I could fly
Those yummy green smoothies.......YUP....they make me giddy and high
They fill me up, yet I feel so much lighter...kinda like...like...I’m floating on air
And I’m giving this shout out to all my new friends and to a whole lotta prayer

You all helped me push harder and I got over that hump
I’m so glad I came here....you lifted me right up...right up off my rump
This past winter brought me down but I’m now shining clear and bright
And I’m ready to kick butt and I will fight the fight

Joining the vault makes me work harder and I want to feel my best
It helped to wake me up and focus and know that I will be who I was blessed
Wouldn’t it be silly and crazy to even think of stopping or attempting to quit
Since you only get one body..make it happen..be healthy, happy and fit

Lets give it our best shot cuz we are worth it you’ll see
You will be laughing and smiling and content as can be
I know for a fact cuz I have seen it and felt it and I’m living proof
Trust and believe your worth...Oh, yes....get up and let’s vault over that roof!
~Darlene Walcott Knight~


                              Living Life With a Smile

  • Life is so much happier when your smiling.
  • Imagine if the whole world could smile for no reason at all.
  • Vibrant smiles are infectious and may actually cause pleasure.
  • I believe that we all look better when we smile.
  • Now would be the perfect time to put a smile on your face.
  • Grin like you mean it and you’ll instantly feel happier inside.
  • Life “Is What It Is”, accept it, tend to it, move forward.
  • If you could truly love yourself....you’d be smiling for sure.
  • Free yourself from excess stress and try smiling instead.
  • Endorphins are released when you smile..tis happy hormones.
  • Wouldn’t it be fun if you could accept who you are right now.  
  • If so, you’d laugh more, have a blast and totally enjoy living. 
  • This very moment, right now...try it...smile for no reason. 
  • Happiness on the outside makes your heart smile on the inside.
  • A great big smile will boost your mood in an instant.
  • Smiling makes you way more attractive...how cool is that!
  • Make the world a happier place just by the look on your face.
  • I am worth all the effort I put in and I no longer make excuses.
  • Live each day as if it were your last and enjoy the process.
  • Each of you deserve to be happy right now...make it possible!
Smile at everyone you see today...you will instantly feel happier and you will brighten someone’s day!

~Darlene Walcott Knight~

Simply Being Me

I used to be a total stress case and over worked my mind
Thought I had to be perfect, and I never let my thoughts unwind
I’d get so jumbled and confused and lost in my thinking
Till one day my life was put in front of me, flashing and blinking

I always believed that I had to be the best Boss, Mom and Wife
Which meant performing at a level that caused me constant strife
Thought I had to achieve all that my parents had spoken
Even though I was beat up and tired and twisted and broken

I hated my job and the commute and all the chaos around me
It wasn’t what I had wished for.....nor had planned to be
My tiny little children were like robots trying to keep in the race
And I kept telling them to go faster, faster...but they couldn’t master my pace

My friend made a video and had me sit still and watch with both eyes
And then she asked me why I hurry so and what was the grand prize
There I was in my speedy motion ..rushing my children through life way too fast
I was taking away their magic and wonder of each memory and moment past

I cried, and I hugged her and I thanked her for making me stop and totally see
That my kids deserved to experience true living and what its like to play free
So, I walked away from my job and I never once looked back
I was going to live the dream of my authentic life..YO baby, I was back on track

Every single day I was driven to succeed....It’s all I knew to get me ahead
WOW, was I ecstatic when I realized I had been completely misled
I didn’t need more money or fame or stuff to make me smile
I just needed to slow down, enjoy being “MOM” and take it all in for a while

That first day home was a precious and powerful lift
Playing and laughing with my kids..priceless..every day since, has been a gift
Learning what makes their spirits smile gives me such satisfaction and glee
Never will I sacrifice happiness for chaos....nope not ever....I’m now free to be

I have an amazing family that God has blessed just for me
We live a peaceful, simple life filled with memories and days of carefree
Liking the reflection smiling back at me..YUP..better than that ugly old frown
I laugh out loud now when I remember that crazy girl who never slowed down

Me being simple is simply being me.....And I totally like me
Love and live every single moment as if you were being filmed..It will magically change you!!

~Darlene Walcott Knight~

Vaulting Ahead

I want to do this and I want to be proud
I have to do this and join the crowd
I’m in a funk and I have to get past it
I will do this, I’ll get healthy and fit

I’ve done it before and I will do it again
It’s not about how, it’s that I know I can
I have all the resources and I know what to do
Just have to do it and follow through

No more excuses and no more junk
Good whole foods to bring back my spunk
I want to feel good and smile at me
And to love what I am and all that I see

Can’t wait for that glow on my face to shine
And see the whites of my eyes..that’s a sure sign
But when I can smell something from a mile away
I’ll know I am really doing this, things will be okay

One step at a time and each day fresh and new
I’ll be so full of energy and no longer blue
Making the inside clean and fresh as can be
So that the outside shines and shows the real me

Just gotta get this right and no longer fall
I’m totally ready to do this....once and for all
Can’t wait to look younger and feel good too
I’m doing this for me, cuz its way overdue

~Darlene Walcott Knight~


Once again, I'm eating well and I am on my way

Feeling good and ready to play

Juice and smoothies to fuel the desire

So much energy....my body’s on fire

Keeping it simple and easy for me

Nothing to think about...just wake and be

Eczema is gone already...who woulda thunk it??

The proof is in the green and I love to admit

This is the life and its what works for sure

I will keep going and I will passionately endure

Because the bonus in the end is what its about

A life of health and happiness and no more doubt

I’ve tried this a few times and I know the drill

I must go easy on the fats cuz they betray my will

They stir up the cravings and they detour my mind

My eyes are wide open and I’m no longer blind

Now if I can keep it going and follow my plan

I have to and I want to and I know....I CAN

The smile on my face is getting wider by the day

And nothing will stop me or get in my way

Keeping positive..treating my body like gold

I’ll never give up on creating my beautiful mold

My best gift is me..I'll be sure to treasure forever

So, I can live, laugh and love till I’m happy, old and clever

~Darlene Walcott Knight

© 2015 Created By Darlene Walcott Knight

All Rights reserved.