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Hi I’m Haylee, I am 15 years old, in 10th grade and I am working on my 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  My favorite things to do are listening to music, dancing, drawing, writing, jumping on my trampoline and my favorite color is blue.  I have three cats, two are girls named Annie and Maya and one is a boy named Tim. I live with my Mom and my Step-dad during the week and go to my Dad's house Friday until Sunday and on holidays and vacations and we talk on the phone every day.  I have an older brother, an older step-brother and two step-sisters...I am an Aunt and I have lots of cousins.  I love having two Dad's and we are one big happy family and we spend lots of time doing fun stuff together.  My Mom and my Dad are best friends and even my Step-dad and Dad get along which my friends think is pretty weird!  Some of my friends never even see their Dad's so I'm a pretty lucky girl and I get twice the love!!!  I love, love, love MUSIC and am totally into K-POP...I can't get enough, don't you just love music too?

And now I'm going to talk about vegetables and fruit. I don’t know a lot of people who just absolutely love vegetables and fruits, but I do. My mom had me eating fruits and vegetables, fresh everyday, even as a baby. I know many people, when they hear vegetables, they think broccoli and spinach. I know that mostly everybody will automatically say "ewwww" or "yuck"! Not me, my favorite vegetable has always been broccoli, how about you? Have you ever really thought about what your favorite vegetable or fruit is? I’m not saying that I don’t eat candy or junk food, I just don’t eat it as often as what people would call normal, and I don't think its normal to eat it everyday. If you love candy, don't worry you can have it sometimes but just promise me you wont go crazy.   Please don't ever drink soda or diet soda because they are really bad for you and they rot your teeth and your insides too. Artificial food preservatives, sweeteners, and colored dyes are all really dangerous chemicals that get added to our food and cause all kinds of medical conditions so be careful and read the labels. I haven't eaten meat in a few years and I'm not a fan of dairy products or eggs or seafood...they just don't appeal to me anymore. I eat avocados almost every day cuz they are awesome.

I love my cats like crazy!!!! How many of you are true animal lovers? I definitely am!!!  I always feel like they are someone you can talk to anytime, about anything with no back talk.  Below is a pic of my little girl Maya at just a few months old but she turned four on February 8th!  I want to volunteer at the animal shelter and I want to be a veterinarian when I get older!  

I love nature and being outside!!!! There’s lots of animals that you find outside! When I'm out getting my sunshine, I usually see cats or dogs or wood chucks and often, I even see deer. I’m not afraid to get my fingers dirty and I’m always looking for some kind of worms or creepy crawly's. If you want to get more sunshine, find an activity like writing or drawing and bring it outside. You should stay active and get lots of fresh air. I go on my trampoline almost every day when I’m at dads house and it's nice out. I get a real work out from that and I have a blast. We have a really cool bike trail near both my houses and we love going there.  Hope you enjoy my kibbles. Bye bye for now peoples!!!!!

This is my little girl "MAYA" when she was just a baby.  She turned 4 years old on 2/8/14...isn't she super cute???


Eating healthy can be yummy and fun at the same time.  I love sliced cucumbers in cider vinegar, granny smith apple slices (really sour ones), pistachios, cashews, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.  I also love avocados, tomatoes, pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, lemons, limes, tangerines, pineapple, strawberries and tons of other good stuff.  My Mom says to always try to "Think outside the box" which means try to eat stuff that isn't processed because there are too many chemicals and loads of sugar and sodium that my body doesn't need or want!  We even make our own ice cream (see my favorite recipe below) and popsicles and smoothies and frozen smoothie bars and they are delicious. Last week we made chocolate chip cookies and put them in a dehydrator instead of cooking them and I make this really chocolate brownie fudgy yummy treat that is so good that I made my Mom's birthday cake into a huge brownie (see my picture below). I will share some of my favorite recipes in the TREAT YOURSELF section down below so keep your eyes and your taste buds open!  Really ripe bananas can be peeled and frozen for making all kinds of yummy ice cream flavors.

My favorite book series is "Warriors" 

Treat yourself!

Fresh smoothies in a blender with a banana, some strawberries, a handful of greens (like spinach or romaine) and some water (or coconut/almond milk) makes a yummy healthy breakfast!! 

Try it and see for yourself! 

My favorite ice cream is:

frozen banana and frozen raspberries!  It's really easy to make.  Just break up the banana and toss in the raspberries in a food processor or an ice cream maker (we have a Yonanna Machine) and mix it until it gets nice and creamy like soft serve!  Add some nuts or fresh fruit on top and eat it right away before it melts.  You can freeze it or even make freezer pops if you have any left over!  As long as you have frozen bananas, you can experiment and add any other fruit or flavors like chocolate chips, coconut flakes or vanilla bean, whatever you like to make your own favorite concoctions.

*You can add sweeteners like honey, agave or dates but we like it without.

My Mom's big brownie Birthday cake!