The inside and the outside of your bodies need constant attention and if your whole being, as well as the atmosphere around you is in total disarray, you need to address it immediately.  I started this web site because I love inspiring and motivating others and I wanted to share with you how I believe your thoughts and actions impact your life, and your health and well-being.  No matter how bad things seem right now, I want every one of you to realize that it's possible to enjoy yourself, have fun, laugh and most of all smile at the prospect of how easy it is to actually feel alive and vibrant!  Making simple changes can be such a positive motivating factor in boosting your spirit and getting you super enthusiastic and energetic that you will be excited to continue your journey!  If you believe and trust in yourself....anything is possible...take control and make life happen for you!  Slowly but surely face and embrace your finances, your relationships, your spirit, your health, clutter, baggage etc...all of it affects your daily life...make peace with it...focus on your biggest challenges and obstacles that are blocking your energy and contentment and find your happy again!  If you are holding resentments or need to discover the freedom of forgiveness...the time is now...letting go of negative stuff and negative chatter in your mind is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Once you have control of your lifestyle habits and you are being physically active, your mind will automatically become sharper and you will think and process more positive thoughts....at least, that's what happens to me.  When I am feeling really healthy and alert, my mind and my spirit go in sync almost magically.  I get happier, have more patience and I tend to exhibit a higher level of peace and calmness that takes over my psyche.  No matter what my day has in store for me, I try to stay upbeat and accepting so that I don't allow negative thoughts to overflow my mind.  I make it a point to read positive affirmations, quotes, articles, blogs and success stories......including many that I have written myself!!!  I constantly surround myself with happy and optimistic people.  I make a habit of balancing my daily life so that it doesn't take control over who I am or how I am feeling.  Our bodies and our minds need time to relax and shut off or we will crash and burn.  We all have a choice to be happy and it is within ourselves to figure how to make that happen...hit the pause button at least once a day and focus on "YOU".  If you want to be happy, successful and in a peaceful state of mind.....you can be!  Your reactions to situations and whether you let them take over your mind, can truly make all the difference in the world.  If you can look around right now and all you see is mass chaos and clutter surrounding you, it needs to be addressed and dealt with.  Clutter in any form, is overwhelming to say the least, so if we can improve just that one issue alone, you will be more apt to tackle the bigger issues in a more efficient and enthusiastic method.  Don't bombard yourself with a day jam packed with tasks that you despise even thinking about, let alone doing them because you will be setting yourself up for the negative chatter to arise and you will fail.  We will make a priority list together and tackle it one item at a time....in just a few days, I promise you that your spirit and your heart will be lifted to a pleasant and cheerier state.  I always have a reminder list posted on my kitchen counter so that I will see it often and I'm not surprised or rattled by an upcoming meeting, appointment or any simple little task that I might forget had I not written it down.  By knowing and reminding myself of what is to come, helps me prepare mentally and physically for the tasks at hand.  As I cross off and accomplish my goals for the day, I am less prone to get overwhelmed or deviate from my plan of action.  There are days that my list is chock full of tasks and others that say only one thing "Go have fun....Today is all about YOU"....so I smile, kick back and chill doing whatever I feel like doing or not doing that particular day.  No matter how busy or jam packed your day is, you must make it a point to add some fun in your day and find the time to make yourself a priority doing something that you love or that makes you feel that special glee inside.  If you can't find any time in your day to put yourself at the top of that list daily......you seriously need to make some changes.  I don't let a day go by that I can't find a chunk of time...even if its only a few minutes...where I stop everything, hit the pause button and put my focus on "ME"!!!!  It's my favorite part of the day when I get to re-charge my batteries....If I'm not functioning properly inside and out.....I'm not smiling and I happen to adore how my smile looks on me!!!!!!!  I love writing, so even when I'm working, I grin continuously because I am happy doing what I choose to do every single day...it is my ultimate passion....How cool is that???  You should try it right this second..seriously....SMILE FOR ME...it's a freaking blast and it feels amazing!!!  Just try smiling at everyone you see today....you will instantly be happier and you will brighten someone's day!!!!

Stress, major debt, negative thinking, constant worry, keeping secrets, shame, guilt, resentment, not being able to forgive, and a slew of other toxic behaviors will severely ravage your body, mind and spirit and can destroy your quality of life.  In order to find peace and happiness within yourself, you need to let go of whatever is keeping you from allowing yourself to experience life the way you believe you should!  What is holding you back and why are you unable to change??? Let's figure it out together...there could be one simple thing just waiting to be addressed that will put your life back on track...think about it....jot down whatever comes to mind and we can take action and tackle whatever it is so that you can get your happy on and get back to living your life!!   Everyone deserves to feel free and happy inside and out and you need to be able to get real with your emotions or you will be opening the gates and flooding yourself with depression, sickness and sadness.  Every day, I devour all the goodness, hope and positivity I can find and I surround myself with people I love and enjoy being with as I spend my days living my passion.  Whenever I find myself in the company of someone or a situation overflowing with negativity, I immediately channel my thoughts to find something positive to say or do.  I allow myself to just accept the circumstance....be in the moment.....let it happen and then move on without dwelling on it or letting it ruin my day.  If you want happiness, success, wealth, health or whatever it may be, you need to change your visualization process and believe that it can and will happen.  If you doubt yourself and assume failure without trying......you will fail!!!  Find the things you are passionate about and do what you love.  If you wake up in the morning miserable about what the day has in store for you and where your life is at...and this tends to happen quite frequently...you need an immediate over haul or your mind and spirit will suffer.  Remember....It's a choice and you can choose to make things different if you want it bad enough!


I believe it is important to keep our bodies in motion and to be active.  When I awake in the morning, I immediately start moving, stretching and bending to alert my system to kick into gear!  I make a point to use the stairs often, park in the furthest spot in the parking lot and make a conscious effort to bend, squat, walk, jump, etc..no matter what I am doing! I personally enjoy walking, running, biking, strength training, yoga, resistance bands, rebounding and many other forms of exercise.  I even bought a weighted hula hoop and I get to burn calories, tone my core, laugh and have fun with my daughter all at the same time.  You only have one body and you need to keep all those muscles, joints, cartilage, tendons and bones maintained, toned and flexible to be able to perform at your optimal level on a daily basis.  Eating healthy and being fit should be on your priority list because having a sense of well-being is an amazing gift to yourself and will allow you to experience a greater quality of life as you age.  If you have excess weight to lose, body movement should be a must if you want to tone up and keep your heart and lungs smiling!  Once you start feeling more energized and the weight comes off, you will notice that you are truly happier and smiling more!!!!  You'll wonder who that gorgeous person in the mirror is and your skin tone and appearance will naturally look years younger!  And if that alone isn't enough to keep you on your health regime, as an added bonus, your outlook and how you perceive the future will seem brighter and more positive as well.  It's incredible but true...so get out there, find something that you enjoy and make a point to do it often.  If you think of it as a chore, you will be less apt to be consistent, so make it something fun! Start by walking and soon you may discover that you feel like jogging, go dancing or take lessons, try bowling and maybe even join a league, play tennis, go rollerskating or ice skating, join a baseball/softball team, go sledding, skiing, rollerblading or biking with your spouse and kids, plant a beautiful vegetable and flower garden or get a Wii and have some family fun time.....we have a blast with ours.  These are just a few ideas......it's your choice....find what brings you pleasure.....whatever gets you moving, smiling and laughing!  I call it "getting your happy on"!  Go on now....get out there!!! Get physical, have some fun and watch your energy level and positive mind set skyrocket into oblivion..........


I believe that eating a high variety of real whole unprocessed foods is the one of the best gifts that we can give to our bodies!  I continuously read and research extensively on this subject, I am a Certified Sports Nutritionist, have a multitude of classes and courses under my belt and I adore learning, coaching and inspiring.  Once I realized the benefits of clean eating and experienced profound powerful improvements in my life, I re-vamped my entire lifestyle and my coaching mission.  I now feel confident that I am providing my body with the best sources of enzymes, fiber, vitamins, chlorophyll, antioxidants and all around health!  By incorporating an abundance of fruits and vegetables, I am able to maintain a balanced alkalized system that will function at a higher caliber versus an overly acidic run down processed food machine that will not run efficiently.  The food we eat should be optimal fuel for our system so that all of our organs, cells, arteries, muscles, joints, bells and whistles can perform at a rate that will sustain our engines to keep pumping life throughout our anatomy and give us the energy we need to function properly on a daily basis.  Indulging in more and more whole foods and less processed garbage will beam up your insides and have you feeling powerful, energized, happy, full of life and smiling like crazy for absolutely no reason!  Give it just one week and I can guarantee you will feel an amazing shift in your body and your mind and your outlook for your future will be beaming with positivity!


I feel and look like a million bucks when I am eating healthy and taking care of myself so I try to do it as often as I can.  I have read, heard and witnessed testimonies of people who have healed themselves of diabetes, migraines, eczema, thyroid disorders,IBS, arthritis, obesity, depression etc...and now I am living proof of just how powerful the quality of what I eat and don't eat impacts not only my health but every aspect of my being!  My quest to RAWK ALIVE my system and maintain my vibrant quality of life will be on-going for years to come and as long as I never give up trying (which I won't), I should be smiling like crazy for many years!  Take the challenge...I did...it was the best decision I ever made!

When I first incorporated more whole plant-based foods into my body, I discovered that my taste buds changed rapidly and my cravings for junk food diminished rapidly.  I eat fruits and vegetables to my hearts content and I love how my body reacts when I am consuming a diet of delicious goodness!  I have tried oodles of recipes that are simple and scrumptious and they satisfy my every desire.  My moods are happier, I am super optimistic with an incredible positive outlook, my skin glows with health, I feel vibrant, young, super energetic and I sleep like a baby.  It totally RAWKS!!!!  I do eat certain vegetables raw and others steamed or air fried and I absolutely couldn't live without my veggie soups and gorgeous salads!  I prefer eating plant-based whole foods because it's what makes me feel the most vibrant but on certain occasions or not to insult a host if I am a guest for dinner, I just do my best but I usually bring something vegan with me to share.  Even though I love my veggies and fruits, I still detour at times as I choose to never deprive myself of anything I desire and if I want something off the grid, I don't beat myself up and it's totally okay with me.  Most of my days are powered with gifts of gorgeous whole food green smoothies/juices, lemon water, kombucha, my favorite kimchee and a variety of delicious fruit and veggie recipes that portray every color of the pyramid you can possibly imagine....It's truly what my body adores and keeps me feeling my best!  I do enjoy coffee but I no longer have to rely on it for an energy burst....I wake up early, rested and ready to take on the day!

Once I started eating better...I totally came alive and my health flourished!  No more aches and pains when my feet hit the floor in the morning, my sugars are balanced and no more dizziness or fainting from hypoglycemia (low sugar). My eczema literally disappeared in less than a week or two and my skin is soft and radiantly glowing with hydration!  I actually crave green smoothies, juices, fruits and vegetables. I smile more, have a positive attitude and my moods are balanced and stable.  I am running further and faster and biking for miles......I have tons of energy and I enjoy being active!!! I feel amazing and believe it or not.......YOU CAN FEEL AMAZING TOO!

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