The day I got my happy on was when I realized that I already had all the happiness I could ever wish or dream for!!

~Darlene Walcott Knight~

My name is Darlene Walcott Knight and I hope you take a moment to read the following and assess your current quality of life to see if you might be able to benefit from "A RAWK ALIVE TAKEOVER" !  As a kid, I wanted to be as happy and content as my mom, my grandmother and my grandfather...they rawked my world! They taught me to be appreciative and grateful for all that life has to offer, to be positive and carefree, to just smile and enjoy being me no matter what, to live without judgment and to pray for those that needed prayer!  It hasn't always been easy but with faith and determination, I inspired myself to persevere through my struggles and chose to prioritize myself and my challenges in order to live the life I truly desired. I got myself into the situation I was in and I was the only one who had control of changing the direction my life was headed for. I am so thankful to be able to share my techniques, my knowledge, my insights and my thoughts with you.  I hope that I can empower you to embrace your challenges with delight and enthusiasm and that you are able to experience what it's like to have joy, peace, freedom, clarity and comfort in your heart and in your total being!  For years, I have buried myself in knowledge and guidance and I have studied, researched and focused all of my free time on being my best me! I discovered that being positive, smiling lots and something as simple as eating whole foods can totally impact your quality of life, your health and your happiness. Once I stopped making excuses and playing the blame game, my life began to shine and so did the light in my eyes and my heart. I love surrounding myself with positive people, writing, listening to all kinds of music, and burying my nose into books, web sites, articles, classes, videos etc...   

I have a tremendous desire and passion for up-beat happy living that comes alive when my thoughts, feelings and knowledge explode into creations or just kick ass thoughts or scribbles that I jot on paper.  I adore writing poems and quotes and I have been sharing my life story in journals, on-line and in articles that express the importance of how getting real with yourself and enjoying the heck out of every day will have you beaming like crazy in no time. My life is my work, my passion and my purpose.....I get to motivate you, inspire you and spill my guts to you...It totally RAWKS....I get to do what I love every single day and I immerse myself in being the best I can be!  How cool is that???  I think it's pretty darn freaking awesome.  Living your life should be a joy and if it's not....you need to get busy and choose to RAWK YOURSELF ALIVE!!  Make all your dreams become your reality!!!

Joy is buried deep inside all of us...uncover it, expose it to air...and true bliss will adorn you!
~Darlene Walcott Knight~

I don't need a big fancy house or an expensive car that sucks every dime I have...Been there done that!!!!  If I can't afford it, I don't buy it...I make it a point to pay my bills in full every month and I choose to live a blessed simple life so that I can truly enjoy what I have and not have to spend every waking moment worrying and working to pay bills.  I bought a smaller home with way less land to care for I am content and happier than I have ever been.  I have all that I could ever need, wish, hope or desire....my health is superb, I have a loving and supportive husband and family and I embrace every single day with wide open arms.  I love coaching, writing poems/songs etc...and I put my entire heart and soul into my writing, my work and my family life.  It's part of what makes me rawk alive and I accept my life exactly as it unfolds!  I get to choose how I react to each day....whatever circumstances arise...bring it on...the good and the bad...it is what it is...deal with it!  Whatever it is, face it, embrace it....in its entirety...right here and right now! I make it my own and I do with it as I please...I'm in control of ME and I choose to bring my passions to life every chance I get!  It's the only life I will get...so I am going to continue to make every moment count and to live without a single limitation, fear or doubt about my future!  It's my story, my book, my life....and it's filled with excitement and thrills and challenges.  I'm clear and certain that I will continue to be smiling and enjoying every second of the ride...it's what I was born to do, what I choose to do, I'm having a blast and it's what makes me jump out of bed every day because it keeps me in my happy zone!!

RAWK ALIVE was inspired by my passion for Whole Plant Based Foods, love, health, proper nutrition and living life to the fullest. I am a 55 year old Certified Sports Nutritionist and I enjoy my whole food way of eating because my entire body literally thanks me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.  God honest truth....killer awesome feeling...it is absolutely magical and it can also help you to experience an enhanced well-being physically, mentally and spiritually without even thinking about it.  I spent years as a vegetarian but was consuming processed junk, pasta, pizza etc...you get the picture!!! Then I started eating high Raw and whole foods and my health and energy soared. When you ingest RAW and living whole foods, you get an abundance of wondrous vitamins and a nutritional mother load of antioxidants and minerals that will delight every cell, muscle, joint and bone in your body. Once I started feeling better, I began to think more positive than ever, I extended my physical activity and I began to totally love being me even more than I already did.....I was literally smiling all the time for no reason!!!!  My eczema disappeared almost immediately, no more sinus congestion or constipation and I was losing weight at the rate of several pounds a week. I got my family on board due to health issues my husband and son were having and we have all had profound positive results!  I live a satisfying, peaceful, content life filled with love and happiness and I want the whole world to experience that same feeling!!  It's so doable and easy and just freaking amazing...you totally gotta check it out and just go for it!!!! 

If you want it...believe it will happen, visualize it happening, plan for it, and then just dooooo it! Worst that can happen is YOU GET TO OWN IT! It's the coolest thing ever...try it!
~Darlene Walcott Knight~

Are you ready to live the life you had always visioned?  Let's do this....once and for all!

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