Have you been enjoying 2017 so far by choosing to make it your best year ever?  Embrace it by treating yourself to what your body truly needs…real whole foods, infinite love, healthy new patterns, care-free smiles, boundless vibrant energy, pleasurable activities, endless laughter, amazing supportive friends, solving unresolved issues, granting total forgiveness of yourself and others, freedom from money woes etc...it’s totally doable!!  I started www.rawkalive.com to inspire and motivate you to allow yourself to experience what true happiness feels like and to get you smiling like crazy!!!

Every day is a chance to start fresh and new


Once this day is gone...it will instantly become your past

GET YOUR HAPPY ON...make 2017 a memorable YEAR

Inspiration, Motivation and Dedication will help you meet any goal

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Happiness is free...just reach out and grab it!

~Darlene Walcott Knight~

  • Do you want to feel great, look better, and smile like crazy just for the heck of it?
  • Do you wonder when, if and how you will ever experience happiness in your life?
  • Do you wish your body, mind and spirit chatter could all be in positive sync?
  • Do you want to live fearless and doubt nothing?
  • Do you want to smile more, laugh often and indulge in your passions?
  • Do you want to dig yourself out of the debt hole and get a firm grip on your finances?
  • Do you want to transition to a healthier lifestyle and watch yourself totally come alive?
  • Do you want to eat healthier, and kick the pounds, disease, aches and pains to the curb?

    If you have answered YES to any of the above questions:


    BUT...IT'S All UP TO YOU

    Are you ready to take back control of yourself and your life!!!

    If after reviewing these pages, you can honestly admit to yourself that you are serious about making positive changes in your life and you want to learn more about how to begin a takeover of an awesome new lifestyle but you need guidance and personal motivation, please feel free to e-mail Darlene for free advice at:


    I created this web site to help give you my personal insight on how I believe you can re-charge your health and vitality and take control of your body and your mind!!  You should be living your life filled with positivity, happiness, excitement and joy inside and out!  I adore what I do and I am extremely grateful and blessed to be able to live my life with a smile!  You deserve all the love, peace and happiness that life has to offer as well which is why I want to help you and give you the inspiration, guidance and motivation to help you conquer any goal you desire.  I want you to honor yourself by making "YOU" matter...You are special and you can do anything you put your mind to if you truly want to see results. I learned from my Mom that no matter what is thrown at you...your response to the situation is what will make or break your spirit!!!!  I am here to help empower you to reach for the stars, to make and meet your goals, and to offer my support in rawkin the real "YOU" alive again!  JUST GO FOR IT....DO IT TODAY!  What do you have to lose???  If you are ready, willing and able to make the positive changes that will brighten your mind, body and spirit...e-mail me and I will stand by you and help in any way I can.  By simply changing your attitude and your way of thinking and living, you can be smiling and enjoying every moment of every day....but its all up to you.  Do you want to feel blissful, energetic, happy, wide awake and totally alive???  Do you want to look and feel healthier than you have in years, gain confidence, self-esteem and empowerment, have control of your finances, have better relationships with others and finally experience major improvements in your life???  In just a short period of time, you can and will be feeling and looking better than you have in years!!  Imagine how awesome it would be to see yourself grinning from ear to ear for no reason???? It's time for you to shine...

    Eliminate the negative chatter that brings fear and doubt?

    RAWK ALIVE and honor yourself with the gift of positive energy!!  Discover what healthy and happy are all about!  Doesn't that sound much more appealing than whining, complaining, wishing, hoping and wondering when your life will get better!!!  Go for it...do whatever it takes...Choose to reach out and challenge yourself to RAWK ALIVE...you will be smiling like crazy in no time at all!

    ........HOW BAD DO YOU REALLY WANT IT?.........

    It doesn't take rocket science but it does require determination and belief!!  By eliminating the garbage inside as well as outside of your body, you can and will become the person you aspire to be.  Change is possible...

    True happiness comes from being okay where you are this very moment and totally indulging yourself into becoming your best "YOU"!  You have to want it and you have to want it for all the right reasons.  If you think that being thinner, having more stuff, a better house or more money will solve your issues and you will finally be happy...THINK AGAIN...true happiness comes from deep inside.  We will dig through the rubble and work together on putting a smile back on that face of yours but first and foremost, I need you to make an honest commitment to yourself and to me that you are willing and able to do whatever it takes!  You need to take ownership of your situation and the choices you have made in your life so far.  No more excuses or blaming others...If you are ready to face and fully embrace where you are right now, we can begin the "RAWK ALIVE TAKEOVER"...let's do this!!!!!!!!! 

    Start today...Get your happy on!  "YOU" are totally worth the effort!!!


    Enjoy and smile!




    Cabbage pouch topped with cheesy red bell pepper dressing and sliced mango, blackberries and strawberries....YUMMY GOODNESS!! 


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    Quotes To Motivate

    If you believe it, see it, think it, feel it, live it, breathe it...it can all be yours!!!! ~Darlene Walcott Knight~

    Never limit your possibilities...Make the decision and just do it already!           ~Darlene Walcott Knight~

    tempFile Love and live every moment as if you were being filmed...It will magically transform you!                        
    ~Darlene Walcott Knight~

    Your whole body would be smiling if you could wake up every morning with a positive outlook...Try it!!!  
    ~Darlene Walcott Knight~

    Success & happiness are not determined by others opinions of what you have or why, but by believing in and loving you, where you are right now! Success & happiness are waiting in the palms of your hands, so open them up, place them on your heart and smile..listen carefully to the voice you will hear as it proudly recites “I love you just the way you are"!

    ~Darlene Walcott Knight~

    Smile at everyone you see today...you will instantly feel happier and you will brighten someone else's day!!!   
    ~Darlene Walcott Knight~

    Joy is buried deep inside all of us....uncover it, expose it to air and true bliss will adorn you!
    ~Darlene Walcott Knight~

    Upbeat and smiling are the only ways to truly enjoy life...It is definitely way more fun and energizing to be optimistic and positive!
    ~Darlene Walcott Knight~



    To look in the mirror and be able to smile at the face looking back at you is such an awesome feeling! 

    Choose to allow yourself the freedom to dance to the music of your own tune…imagine it…your feet tapping on the floor, your arms swaying to and fro and your heart smiling to the beat…priceless!

    Live and breathe your passion and purpose…you will be consumed with love, happiness, gratitude and honor!!

    ~Darlene Knight~


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